Dear(Expensive) friend Les Vérités cachées legendes

 Dear(Expensive) friend Les Vérités cachées legendes.

2016. 10. 03.
Dear(Expensive) friend

Thank you for reading 3 pages and seeing videos up to the end. Courage! I have two caps:
The first one(night) for the movement V.M.PU. which can gather(collect) the 99 % of the world population to avoid making pour(sink) the boat, it is better to make pour(sink) the 1 %.

The truths hidden on the education(teaching):
The religions are legends.

· The values are reduced, modified and forged, there is no democracy,
· no freedom!
· no equality!
· no brotherhood!

We are in a police democratic dictatorship; let us make a democratic dictatorship citizen!
Not be governed by a minority of the population!
He(It) does not respect when a vote is against their political ideas! (Exep on 2005).
We are prisoners in a false story !!

The history of France is also a legend both internationally and is dictated by financial managing states, multinational corporations, political etc. they are representatives of financial dynasties and represent about 1% of the planet; does it drown the 1% or the 99% of the population? Quote: <
  Libertarian, those who run the world and eliminate all humanism.
Brussels service thugs and criminals finance.
8) The de-industrialization of France. Unfortunately many other examples ....
So that's Social Europe which the French left (PS, EELV, FDG and other rebellious *, ...) seems viscerally attached!> Best regards Lucien Pons


We must educate our children for their future:
Diet and detoxification, Money, On the citizen program, engage and act!
Vote on this program and give your opinion, get involved because there are personal solutions and shared without the state and political etc.
A lie repeated by the media 10 times becomes a truth, repeated 1000 times becomes public!
The truths:
they do the opposite of what they say and write aided by the watchdogs of the system!

Sow fear with threats, blackmail, to make you work harder and lower your wages!

The V.M.PU. Site and Balda:

See my links and two sites with videos:
Health and diet and detoxification: On the program!

La Monnaie - Du pouvoir d'Achat au pouvoir d'Etre - Philippe Derudder (vs intégrale)

Vérités cachées contre vos enfants, santé en danger !

The decrease. VIDEOS MIXED:

Take action for your CHILDREN

DELETE any bad food and chemicals from your home

-There That day has arrived!
Generations of idiots and imbeciles, to quote a friend of Georges des Cons!
Bruno on September 24 in the transition day told me we are dealing here with idiots increasingly idiots!
We are 99% of the population imprisoned in a modern slavery, with 1% of the world population.
We few summit to avoid falling into the trap of fear, misinformation, which is conducted from birth until death.
We must act, to invest two hours a month to do with 50

% Of the French population control program that citizen must is continuously monitored by citizens and citizen workshops at local, national, international.

Read: annoying Generation ...
Take time to read this you will gain years of life for you and your children!
We are the generation who inconvenient truths, having lived the reality that is deformed for the policy of globalization is behind the name: major financial dynasties.
You are in a modern slavery, a majority live badly no money, no health care, homeless etc.
It will make you believe:
To freedom.
In democracy.



You can enrich you and all have "what is wrong for a large majority"
The 1% that direct and control the world serve a purpose since

more than 300 years, they implanted the world government and put hands on everything,
Search among 10 around you 2 are less idiots!
This means that ignorance is a large majority of idiots who believe enrich and make the most of life, they actually shorten is that also shortens the lives of our children and their health and you are led by the nose.

We the people of 80 years before were told by our grandparents and our parents, we have information dating from 1800 to 2000 with the realities that hamper great leaders.
We have the two world wars have been made to enrich the major financial dynasties and create markets that no longer able to modernize and expand but especially putting the world government in place that is run by about 13 people. (Go to my website for more information link:


The Illuminati in the pay of big financial dynasties control all major international organizations and divide people in order to dominate.
ls misinform and fake world history in their favor!

They force the states to cede power in global government and Europe to better reduce our purchasing power etc.
What is more serious is that constantly affect our health by over-consumption of daily poisons.
They fill the hospitals to better supply the medicine that does not fulfill its role in preventing and permanently supplies the labs and chemical manufacturers.
They want to reduce the life of nations to an average of 45 years for not paying pension, poisons with color, smell, taste, GM, almost all food and especially intensive etc.


with Nanoparticles they will dominate you 100% and you will see that the fire fools who are interested only pleasures that bad food etc. ignore much of the 1% who run the world: you die you at work and false pleasure, go to my website link:

YOUR LIFE and YOUR HEALTH AT RISK: Victor and his two caps


you explanations on health and on modern wars they are waging against us, you will not believe me because we're not enough with our small means to denounce these crimes against humanity,,,,

It poisons you by inches and spreads terror and fear globally to better control you!
The third world war against the Arabs who started a few years thanks to Mr. Bush and Tony Blair with their lies etc. you are surprised that violent offenders and take up arms because hindered by the state of emergency they play the Islamists.
First to stop the exodus and misery of the world it takes control of the planet by the Citizens, the whole people, see my website: the name of the movement and the beginning of the program!


2nd stop wars, oppose the so-called terrorism that began to continue to steal and loot peoples, new forms of colonization. We must oppose the Americans the British and Europeans in this direction.
3rd stop making heavy weapons for the armed because we only need small arms to local and international police: no need to arm themselves, need boundaries, need daily poison.
We need a truth about information, prevention and health education made by the people, more by political professionals.

On earth we all emerge from the same family, restore the links and develop the program and the local and universal constitution and you will start a true democracy and freedom.
My website see link for Health: How to remove the chemical soup that is in your blood!


see my website citizen transition link: RIGHT TO KNOW about BANKS and your MONEY. WHY and HOW TO ACT?


With money for weapons we have sufficient finances to largely eliminate poverty and give a real education to our children.
Working together with the 99% to remove the misery they maintain in order to dominate us!
You choose, or stay fools out of poverty in the interest of the future of our children!

Please if you have taken the time to read this text, which is very important for our future, there is a point, forward to friends and thank you to everyone.
Victor kisses,