Modern wheat: <modified de1000 more time,> a sort of plastic 


Our digestive system is not therefore accustomed to consume wheat. The massive entry of wheat in the food didn't make us a good on the individual plan. The size, longevity and the state of health of our forebears regressed….. 



To pass simple mush to the aspect of elastic and swollen dough, it is necessary that flour contains some proteins capable to form some links with the starch. These proteins, that the chemists called the prolamines and the gluténines, form gluten. More the cereals are rich in gluten, more the dough to tendency to raise, more your bread (or your sweetbread, your cakes) will be inflated and crusty… 


More of gluten in wheat = happy consumers  

Today, the cereals as wheat, the kamut, the barley, rye and the husk contain until 69% of prolamines among their proteins, what is enormous. 


family's mothers is surprised to note that their children, to the snack, ate" a whole bread ". actually, it is that this bread, in spite of his/her/its size, contained air practically only.  


Other advantage: the extraordinary wealth in gluten of the new flours permitted the explosion of the trade of the Viennese breads, that prospers in all downtowns, commercial zones,…. 


Do you remember the movie" Return toward the future 2 ", done leave in 1989, where the hero went up in a machine to travel in the time taking it in 2015? A stage had marked me, where a grandmother put in her oven a small tablet looking like plastic, and came out again from it at the end of some seconds an enormous steaming and bread-crumbed pizza, under the screams of approval of his/her/its grandchildren. Hey well, we are of it. All these prodigies, we owe them to the extraordinary wealth in gluten of the modern "wheats." 


Of the score of chromosomes in more! 

At the end the 19th century, then in the years 60, the agronomic research made rapids "progress" to develop more resistant cereals, more productive, and richer in gluten.  


Hybridizations and old-fashioned crossings succeeded to the apparition of completely new species, that one calls "wheat" again but that are as distant of the natural wheat that an elephant of a mouse, not to say that a banana in plastic of a true banana.  


The modern "wheat" created in the years 1970, that is called Lerma Rojo 64, Siete Cerros, Sonora 64 or Terrific X has forty-two chromosomes where the engrain of our forebears only had fourteen of them indeed!! At the human being, the fact to have only one chromosome in too provokes some handicaps (as in the Down's syndrome) or the death.  

Of new proteins that the man cannot digest 

Our readers who know the biology know that the chromosomes are of the sprigs of DNA that serve to code the proteins, the" bricks" of basis that serve to construct an organism. The fact that the modern wheat has the score of supplementary chromosomes implies necessarily that it contains innumerable new proteins, of which much are not digérables by the man. 


Indeed, so that a protein is digested, again it is necessary that the digestive tube manufactures the adapted enzymes, that means the chemicals that will be capable to dissolve them. It is not still the case, far from there. It is because you don't have the same enzymes that the cow that she/it can eat grass, and you no.  


The modern wheat provokes therefore, at an alarming number of people, the digestive problems and the reactions of intolerance (illness cœliaque), or of the less hypersensitivity, that results in distending, the constipation, the headaches, the insomnias, the chronic fatigue, the depression, the fragile bones, etc.  


Some, as the Swiss specialist Elke Arod, will tell you that 80% of the population are intolerant to wheat. (1) 

It is not a" fashion ", nor a psychological problem" ". The modern wheat is indeed a food foreign to the human being and, for some, it comes back to try to eat plastic. 


To eat without gluten permits improvements of health then indeed, and he/it is quite possible that it is also the case for you if you try. 


During millions years, our forebears avoided the cereals, because they contain the anti-nutriments that blocks the absorption of the minerals.  


The world governmental propaganda, inciting the populations to put the complete cereals in the center of their food régime is deprived therefore of common sense, but also of scientific bases. 


It is because they turned massively toward the cereals, that are empty calories" that the Americans, then the Europeans, and today the other populations of the world, know these terrible epidemics of obesity, of diabetes, of cardiovascular illnesses, become today the first reason of mortality in the world. It is not because one eats" too fat "or" too salty ".  

Everybody can, if he/it wishes it, to eat without gluten, 

To eat without gluten, therefore without wheat, cannot make you any pain. Well on the contrary, because you will be obliged to replace wheat, bread, the doughs, etc., by other food of better nourishing quality.  


Everybody can therefore, if he/it wishes it to start a régime without gluten. But he/it is obvious that people intolerant to the gluten (illness coeliaque, 1% of the population), or suffering of" sensitivity to gluten ", what is a lot more current, will benefit more of them again that the other since they will also see the symptoms of their illness disappearing.  


It is why I prepare you a next letter currently on the principles of a régime without gluten. To note that, as you will already have understood it, this régime has the particularity to be more pleasant to follow than a normal food, since it replaces food little nourishing and to the bottom without big gustatory quality, by better food for health and... better to the taste. > 


J.M. Dupuis. 



The first studies noting the secondary effects of the glutamate date 1978! The scientific researchers and the manufacturers of food products know since a very long time the damages that can cause to our health the systematic consumption of glutamate.  To convince of it to you, he/it is sufficient you to introduce "MSG Obèse" on Google and you will fall on very numerous articles and very numerous medical studies on the topic… 


The glutamate, that what is precisely? 

An amino acid making function of neuro-transmitter, already present in the brain and that plays on the hormones and the neurons.  He/it is essential in the process of memorization and training. The problem is that there is a molecular structure difference between the biologic natural glutamate and the chemical molecule of synthesis, purified, that is not recognized by the living.  And when the manufacturers drum to us that the glutamate being produced by the nature, it cannot be dangerous, they manipulate us: it is false! Ingested to repetitive and regular doses, this product of synthesis is a dangerous poison, especially as the organism cannot identify its taste.  It has for effect that the consumer passes, without the knowledge, his/her/its doorstep of tolerance. 


How does appear and operate the poisoning? 


Of the signs as the migraines, the losses of hair (especially at the woman), the fast weight hold, the depression, the gastro-intestinal unrests, the irritations dermatologiques, the neurological unrests as the extreme fatigue, the depression, the fretfulness, the anxiety, the crises of panic and even the sciatica, the muscular, respiratory unrests and I pass some! 

Even in pharmacy, in more of acidic monosodique,acétylglutamique, arginine glutamate, glutamate calcique,glutamate of magnesium, glutamic acidic, antisthène glutamic C vitamin, glutadouze, glutavene… 

The glutamate is an unessential amino acid, that means that our organism produces himself of it.  He/it is the neurotransmitter most important excitateur of the central nervous system.  His/her/its action is counterbalanced by the inhibitory effects of the GABA of which it is besides, the main precursor.  When the balance is  


broken and that the concentration in glutamate reaches an excessive level, it can hyperstimuler the neurons and provoke their mort(Wikipedia). 

In fact, when our loaded blood in glutamate comes to irrigate our brain, it, 

reaches our neurons.  At that moment, these let sudden enter calcium massively, sodium, water, well beyond our physiological possibilities, provoking a brutal depolarization * that kills them.  While dying, the neurons loosen the glutamate that they contain massively.   This one is going to excite other neurons, that die on their turn then, and so forth, by effect snowball. 

The doses of glutamate ingested by the children are sometimes so elevated, that managed orally to a young animal, these same doses would entail the pure and simple destruction of the central nervous system.  It is necessary to know that the brain of the children doesn't have protective against the glutamate and his/her/its intellectual development can be put in danger by the unceasing nervous impulses that this product provokes in a disorganized way.   The glutamate can also provoke the baldness or the acne. otherwise, a percentage raised of the rats of laboratory fed to the glutamate is reached of blindness… 


If you lived some experiences to proposes the glutamate, share them: that interests us! It is necessary that everybody knows that that the food industry made us ingest to our unawareness and with what consequences…